Success Story: Petrina

Petrina Page is an entrepreneur who gained the knowledge and skills she needed to start her own business by taking Goodwill’s free training courses. She started her journey with Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont by first visiting to work on her resume.  

“I was on the board for Habitat for Humanity. For the committee I was on, they told me I needed a resume. I hadn’t had a need for a resume in 20 years,” she explained. “One day, I was riding by [the Goodwill Opportunity Campus on] Wilkinson Boulevard, and I saw a sign that said, ‘We’ll help you with your resume!’” 

From there, Petrina saw that Goodwill could not only help with resumes but had much more to offer. She started by taking Goodwill’s Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint training course 

During the class, Petrina created a presentation about becoming a general contractor, and that got her interested in taking classes at the Goodwill Construction Skills Training Center.  

“At the time, I was going through a divorce. My ex-husband fixed everything, and I needed to rely a little bit more on myself. That’s what encouraged me to start taking classes,” she said.  

Petrina signed up for Goodwill’s Construction Basics course, and then shortly after completing it, went on to take the Carpentry course as well.  

“The construction [program] is a jewel,” Petrina emphasized. “Anyone that’s in the trade [industry] should have some type of connection to it. The instructors are great, and I’ve become friends with some of my classmates.”  

After completing her courses, Petrina moved to Rocky Mount, her mother’s hometown. She continued her education in the trades and real estate and started her own painting business, Page Prep and Painting, with the knowledge she learned from Goodwill.  

“It’s very fulfilling. I enjoy the freedom working for myself – that’s more valuable than anything,” she said.  

Goodwill courses, like the ones Petrina took, are offered free of charge to the community thanks to donations and purchases made by shoppers at Charlotte-area Goodwill retail locations 

“That is truly a blessing. I share the word with anyone and everyone I can. It’s critical for people to take advantage of these opportunities,” Petrina said. “Immerse yourself and get all that you can get from [the courses], because in the long run, it’s going to propel you to a different level in life. If you’re interested, go and take the classes. You’ll be amazed how your life will change.”  

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