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With more than 30 donation sites in the Charlotte metro area, we make it easy to recycle your electronics, working or not.


Recycling your working or non-working electronics with Goodwill not only keeps environmentally hazardous materials out of local landfills, it powers local job training programs and employment opportunities in an 18-county area spanning North and South Carolina. Through the Dell Reconnect partnership, we’ll make sure your electronics and accessories are refurbished or recycled responsibly.

We accept the following items in all conditions and all brands:

  • Desktops, laptops, mouses and keyboards
  • iPads, Surfaces, tablets & e-readers
  • Monitors, printers & scanners
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Home audio & theater equipment
  • Video games & gaming systems
  • iPods, MP3 players & accessories
  • Cameras, media cards, video equipment & GPS systems
  • Mobile phones & accessories
  • External & internal hard drives
  • Power cords, chargers & cables
  • Ink & toner cartridges
  • Children’s educational toys



Goodwill offers tax-deductible recycling services for businesses in the Charlotte area (including asset recovery, asset disposition, and de-manufacturing), while adhering to the highest industry standards for environmental safety and data security. We provide free on-site pickup of your business or commercial computers to ensure a secure chain of custody, and offer inventory tracking, donation receipts and certificates of destruction for your items.

Whenever possible, donated computers and other electronics are repaired and refurbished by clients in Goodwill’s E-Cycling training program. Goodwill uses U. S. Department of Defense standards and R2/RIOS/e-stewards certifications to destroy company data left on hard drives. Refurbished electronics are sold at our retail store The GRID: Powered by Goodwill. Items that cannot be resold are disposed of in a responsible manner to ensure that no environmentally-sensitive materials are sent to landfills. In 2018, your Goodwill diverted 1.1 million pounds of product from area landfills.

We process the following equipment:

  • Computers and related peripherals
  • Audio equipment
  • Telecommunications and network systems
  • Printers and scanners
  • Circuit boards
  • Monitors
  • Mobile phones


Does your business have data security concerns? Wiping a hard drive is not always sufficient to comply with your company’s data security needs. Goodwill now offers on-site hard drive shredding to ensure full data destruction.

For more information on Goodwill’s electronic recycling business services, please contact Jason Thomas at 980-636-1298.