Welcome to Goodwill! We’re excited you’re joining us. Your role is critical in helping fulfill our mission of Changing Lives Through the Power of Work!



  • To help you understand more about Goodwill, transition to your new role and meet other new team members, all new team members will attend our New Employee Orientation (NEO). Those who were hired as a retail team member will also attend School of Retail (SOR) after completing New Employee Orientation.

Location & Parking

  • Both New Employee Orientation (NEO) and School of Retail (SOR) take place at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus, located at 5301 Wilkinson Boulevard in west Charlotte.
  • Upon your arrival to the Goodwill Opportunity Campus, please park in the visitor’s parking area near the building’s main entrance. To download a color-coded parking map, click here.
  • If you are attending a day-time NEO, when you arrive, join other new team members in Community Table Bistro, which you’ll see on your left-hand side as soon as you walk through the main entrance. A member of the orientation team will then show you to the training room. If you are attending an evening NEO, when you arrive, please wait in the main lobby. A member of the orientation team will then show you to the training room.

New Employee Documentation

On your first day, you’ll complete the following forms using DocuSign:

  • 1-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Direct deposit for payroll
  • W-4 Federal tax withholding form for payroll purposes
  • NC-4 State tax withholding form

Note: Links to I-9 and tax forms are only to help you prepare for what you’ll complete on your first day using our internal system.

What to Bring on Your First Day

What to Wear

The attire for New Employee Orientation (NEO) is business casual. Examples include:

  • tucked-in shirts and tops
  • khaki-style pants
  • casual slacks
  • knee-length skirts (or longer)
  • shirts with collars
  • modest neck lines
  • hats cannot be worn in the building

The attire for School of Retail (SOR) is as follows:

  • khaki pants or plain blue jeans (no rips, holes or tears)
  • a plain white or plain black shirt (no hooded sweatshirts)
  • comfortable closed-toe shoes


  • Lunch will be provided at New Employee Orientation (NEO), free of charge.
  • For School of Retail (SOR), you will need to provide your own lunch.

Connect With Us

We look forward to you joining our team! Enjoy your orientation, and please ask questions! The orientation team is there to help you be successful. In the meantime, stay social with us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!