Success Story: Jeremy

Jeremy Buncum is still considered a fresh face at the Red Classic, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, where he began working as an equipment control coordinator in August 2021.

“I track our trailers and see how long they’ve been at our customers’ location. If they’ve been there for more than the free time allowed, I start the retention process,” Jeremy shared while explaining his role. Before taking on his new job, Jeremy was working in logistics for a different company, but was in desperate need of a new job because of the overwhelming stress it was creating for him and his family.

“With the kids, me having to work overtime a lot and just the stress included with that job it spilled over at home. As much as we like to keep it separate, especially when you’re working from home it’s almost impossible to do that. The company I was in was large but where we were it was kind of stagnant. I just knew that I wanted to do something more and have more technical skills,” Jeremy said.

While passing by Goodwill, Jeremy learned about Goodwill University, Goodwill’s training division designed to help develop the skills needed to launch a career, and enrolled in the IT Operations training course.

“In the course, we learned how to conduct tests for different websites, do some programming and write codes,” he said.

Although Jeremy is not working in IT at the Red Classic, he already sees opportunities for growth with his new employer and he is more excited about the future of his career. “This role pays more and it’s much more my pace and my speed. The culture is also much different than where I was.”

Jeremy has had a smooth transition thanks to his career navigator, David Washam, who Jeremy described as very supportive and understanding. “David’s been awesome, and he’s always been available. He was there to support me throughout the process, not just through the hard stuff, not just resume writing or my elevator pitch, just keeping me encouraged throughout it all.”

Jeremy went on to explain there were times when he was falling behind in class due to his old job or would become discouraged, it was in those times that David helped him most. “Him being him, always giving me a word of advice and something positive helped me get in this role and prepare for when it opened up.”

Training courses, like the one Jeremy took, are available free of charge thanks to donations and purchases made by shoppers at Goodwill retail locations.

“I want to use the skills that I gained from the IT Operations training course. I’m thankful for where I am now, it’s almost perfect for me. I came in ready and hit the ground running and I’m already impressing my supervisors. I know this is going to open doors for me even if I don’t necessarily become a business analyst or tester. I can already see other positions as far as moving up, being in management here at the Red Classic.”

You can find your path to success with Goodwill, too. To learn more about training courses offered through Goodwill University, click here.

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