Brides Say ‘Yes to the Dress’ at Annual Goodwill Bridal Pop-Up Sale

“Overall, it was a great experience. I highly recommend it,” said Jaquasia Tillman, who shopped Goodwill’s annual Bridal Pop-Up Sale at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus in 2023.  

Brides from across the Charlotte region, and even other states, come to Goodwill’s Bridal Pop-Up Sale each year hoping to ‘say yes to the dress’ without breaking the bank. According to Zola, the average price of a wedding dress in 2023 was $1,500 – $2,500. And CNN reported the 2023 cost of weddings increased $1,000 from the year prior, bringing the average price of weddings to $29,000 for couples. With higher wedding costs, brides are trying to cut costs wherever they can. 

“We wanted to spend a reasonable amount that wasn’t crazy or broke our bank because again, it’s a special day, but it’s just one day,” said Ashley Davis, who found her dream dress at the Bridal Pop-Up in 2023. 

Like Davis, Tillman wanted something that was affordable for her big day.

“The most expensive dress I looked at was $1,500. Loved the dress, but I felt that was a little steep to pay for just one day,” she explained. 

Both ladies tried on dresses prior to shopping the sale and encourage brides attending the fifth annual Bridal Pop-Up in 2024 to do the same.

“[Prior to shopping the sale] I tried on dresses at Anthropologie twice and I took a trip alone to Atlanta and tried on dresses, which was really fun because it was just my opinion,” said Davis. “That helped me decide what shape I wanted and what kind of style I liked.”

The pop-up not only provides gowns at an affordable price, but it also creates the experience so many brides long for when shopping for their special day.

“I can say the experience was really nice,” Tillman explained. “They were passing out desserts to customers in line, they had the staff outside doing the electric slide, and it was a nice way to start the day.”  

Inside she shopped with her bridal entourage, consisting of her mother, mother-in-law, aunt-in-law and two daughters. Together, they enjoyed the day finding Tillman’s wedding dress and shared a special moment together. In the end, Tillman snagged her dress for just over $100!  

Tillman encourages brides attending this year’s pop-up to bring a buddy.

“Bring somebody with you. It just makes the experience a whole lot better, especially when someone can help you find what you’re looking for,” she explained. 

Like Tillman, Davis also snagged her dress for just $100.

“There was one dress that was from Anthropologie that the zipper was broken on, but it was the exact cut and style that I wanted for myself, and it was like a $3,000 dress,” Davis said. “I tried it on, and it fit me perfectly.”

Davis also shared that brides shouldn’t be worried about size or style inclusivity.

“Any style that you want is going to be there and sizes were abundant,” she said 

Both Davis and Tillman are avid thrifters and supporters of Goodwill who say they are happy they found their dresses at the nonprofit’s sale. 

Brides who shop at this event are helping the community. The revenue generated from selling dresses at the Bridal Pop-Up Sale will fund job training programs, job search support, family stability services and more at Goodwill — free of charge to people in the Charlotte community. 

This year, the sale returns for its fifth annual event Saturday, March 2, 2024, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus, located at 5301 Wilkinson Boulevard in west Charlotte. Bridal gowns will range in price from $99 – $999. Special occasion and bridesmaid dresses will be priced $49 – $149. 

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