In Their Own Words: Brian

Not long ago, Brian Gunter was referring people to Goodwill for resources, dedicating his time to social supports for people experiencing homelessness, mentoring young people who were struggling, and running nonprofit organizations supporting sex trafficking victims. He found himself experiencing burnout, and eventually, anxiety as a result of the support and energy he was giving to others wellbeing – instead of his own. That’s when he decided to refer himself to Goodwill, where he found support not only in his journey to a new career – but in finding the confidence to pursue the life he deserved. Brian completed the Goodwill customer service program, and was applying for jobs in that field when he heard about a role with the mortgage company He introduced himself at a job fair, interviewed and got the job! Now, he’s just started his new role as a licensed mortgage officer, plans to enroll in the next IT training program at Goodwill and is looking forward to a new career in the Fintech industry.

Brian shared this story candidly with us. But when he started with Goodwill, he hadn’t divulged all that he was facing to his coach, Warren Raybon, whose unwavering belief in him helped Brian through a difficult time. He wanted to share this with Warren, and with you, today. Here’s Brian’s experience, in his own words, and his message of gratitude to his coach.


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