Goodwill Opportunity Campus: Capital Campaign Update

By LaRita Barber, SVP Community Engagement at Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont

The Audacity of Hope is powerful. It takes audacity to commit significant resources to a vision that will take years to be realized.

One might ask, what gives Goodwill the audacity to have such high hopes for individuals whom others may deem unworthy, or who have given up on, or who think don’t deserve a second chance? What gives Goodwill the audacity to bet our future on a new way of providing services that is yet untested, that has no guarantees, and requires more resources than we can supply on our own? What gives Goodwill the confidence to keep pressing forward when some state and federal legislation does not fully support our vision, when policies do not align with our clients’ goals to pursue family sustaining employment, and the very supports that would stabilize our clients are threatened or cut entirely?

What the audacity of hope has done is to empower us to have the courage to dream big, to take bold action, to take calculated risks and to have enough faith in our convictions to ask others to join us in our journey.

What the audacity of hope has done is to demonstrate to our community that all people matter, that everybody shares the burdens of poverty, and that no community is stronger than its weakest link.

What the audacity of hope has done is to give us permission to say that our work matters. It gives us a sense of pride to sit before an individual, look them in the eye and invite them to join us on our journey to family sustaining employment. When we can touch the head, heart and pocketbook of an individual, we have earned their loyalty and trust. What an honor. It is also a tremendous responsibility.

We have been blessed by so many individuals, foundations and corporations that see the value in our vision for family sustaining employment; who trust us with their financial investments and have confidence that we will be good stewards.

Over the past 24 months, we set a goal to raise $8 million from the community. We have asked people to believe in our vision and they have responded. We are close to the finish line. Individuals, corporations and foundations have invested $6.9 million dollars in the hope and promise of the Goodwill Opportunity Campus. We have $1.1 million remaining before we can claim victory. The audacity of hope will get us there.

For those of you who have made contributions to the campaign, THANK YOU. For those who have not been asked to make a contribution, consider this an invitation to support Goodwill’s bold vision. If you would like to make a contribution to the capital campaign, please contact Contributions are tax deductible. If you want to leave a legacy or honor a family member, we have special recognition opportunities for your consideration.

To learn more about the Goodwill Opportunity Campus, visit or

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