Easy DIY Halloween Costumes from Goodwill

ZNFA_med-rec_300x250Goodwill is a Halloween destination for one-of-a-kind costumes and we’re counting down to Halloween. If you’re still looking for the perfect Halloween costume, stop by your local Goodwill retail store for some inspiration. At Goodwill, shoppers can find fresh items every day, including clothing in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, as well as accessories from different decades to transform an ordinary look into a fantastic, eclectic costume. With a little creativity, anyone can become a ghost, cowboy, zombie or superhero of choice simply by combining Goodwill finds into a unique costume. The best way to save on often pricey Halloween costumes is to use your imagination. Goodwill offers unique, gently used items that can help you put together the perfect costume without breaking the bank. To help inspire trick-or-treaters this Halloween, we’ve listed a few of our favorite DIY costumes and how to assemble them below. Back to the Future – Marty McFly Back to the Future Costume Doctor GII_Lookbook_Facebook ’80s Girl GII_Lookbook_Facebook2 Baby Berry GII_Lookbook_Facebook18 One Man Band GII_Lookbook_Facebook19 Party Animal GII_Lookbook_Facebook20Pirate GII_Lookbook_Facebook21 Selfie GII_Lookbook_Facebook25 Superhero GII_Lookbook_Facebook29 Terrifying ’80s Prom Queen GII_Lookbook_Facebook30 Tourist GII_Lookbook_Facebook31 Witch GII_Lookbook_Facebook32 Wizard GII_Lookbook_Facebook33 A DIY costume is what you make of it. You can create a look as intricate as a character on “The Walking Dead” or you can simplify your costume in a few easy steps. When you purchase items at Goodwill, you’ll save on your Halloween costumes and be able to use those clothes again once Halloween is over. You’ll also feel good knowing that your purchase will help provide job training and employment services free of charge to people looking for work here in the Southern Piedmont region of North and South Carolina. What will you be this Halloween?

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