DIY Solutions for Bride on a Budget – Part 1

It’s wedding season and planning a wedding isn’t what it used to be. These days, no one will frown upon a wedding that is clearly DIY. In fact, it’s trendier now to apply a Pinterest tip or two to the occasion than to hire someone to do it all. The best part about the DIY deal? It’s super affordable! If you’re a bride on a budget, DIY is music to your ears. While it’s a good idea to do things like carefully review and amend your guest list (here are some tips for that) and cut back on unnecessary add-ons (like switch out the sit-down dinner for a buffet), taking on aspects of the decor yourself can also be a huge money saver. If you’re still hunting for inspiration after combing through the pages of Pinterest, perhaps you’ll love the idea of using thrifted tea cups and frames to add some unparalleled charm to your wedding day. Here are three bride-on-a-budget ideas that begin at Goodwill! Free-Hanging Photo Frames

Solutions for Bride on a Budget - Part 1 (1)
Credit: Patrick Malone

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, hanging photo frames from trees or the ceiling is a whimsical way to decorate for the reception. There are no rules here, so remember when you’re looking for frames that they don’t have to match—at all. In fact, the more mismatched, the better. Leave them glassless and totally empty, or fill the frames with memories your guests will love to gawk at. While placing pictures of the happy couple would be a hit—think from childhood to relationship, vacations together, milestones, and so forth—it’s also a fun idea to use vintage family wedding photos to add an air of nostalgic charm to the day. In this example, I used memorabilia from my parents’ wedding: I framed their wedding napkins, a vintage photo of the car they drove away in, newspaper clippings (both the engagement and wedding announcements complete with photos of my mom), and a pretty color photo of my parents cutting the cake. I found a box of 10 totally different frames for $5—don’t you love to brag about your Goodwill steals? I painted the largest blue to match the photo inside, or more specifically, the dress my mother wore after the ceremony. To hang, I simply used some cheap but nice-looking twine. I love the idea of displaying this wonderful love story that is so meaningful. Don’t forget to include the groom’s family photos, too! Hanging Tea Cups

Solutions for Bride on a Budget - Part 1 (2)
Credit: Patrick Malone

If you like the idea of having a vintage theme, be on the lookout for some antique tea cups, because the creative tea cup fun knows no bounds. And as with the hanging frames, the more mismatched, the better. A bit simpler than the frames and just as enchanting is the idea of hanging vintage tea cups from trees or ceilings. As you can see, the mismatched hanging tea cups create an adorable way to decorate for weddings, but you can apply it to other occasions, like a birthday party. Tea and Coffee Station While you’re on the tea theme, why not use vintage tea cups for your reception’s tea and coffee service? Use for darling and dainty table settings, or simply place the cups and saucers in a pretty little pile for a DIY coffee-and-tea station. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series. What thrifted items will you incorporate into your wedding decor? Kelly Rae Smith is a crafts and DIY expert who writes for Shutterfly. Kelly has money-saving DIY solutions for many purposes, including wedding planning. To see more wedding planning ideas, you can visit

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