Closet Door Ideas: DIY Makeovers to Repurpose Old Doors

If you have recently removed your closet bi-fold or 6-panel doors, and they are now lying in your basement or garage, why not repurpose them? Upcycling and repurposing old doors is no longer just in the realm of artists – it’s a full-on design trend, at a time when many homeowners are removing closet doors to make a closet office or to create unique storage spaces. Instead of putting those doors out in the garbage pile, take a look at how you can repurpose them into decorative elements and furniture for your home. Sliding barn doors from repurposed closet doors

Repurposed closet doors take on a rustic country charm as barn doors (Image via: Fab You Bliss/Pinterest)

As a designer, I’m always on the search for solutions to help my clients save space without sacrificing beauty. Barn doors have gained popularity in the interiors world, as the hardware affixes to the outside of the doorway opening and allows the doors to slide rather than swing into a room. This saves interior space and brings a rustic touch to your interiors. Barn doors work beautifully for bathrooms, closets and sectioning off public spaces from the rest of your home. To turn your closet doors into barn sliding doors, you will need to purchase barn door hardware. This will include the track and the rolling mechanisms to attach to the top of each of your closet doors. For smaller room openings, you can use just one closet door instead of two. Your local hardware store may carry them or check online for “barn door hardware” to get more decorative finishes to match your interiors. Wake up your tired bedroom with a closet door headboard

Add a repurposed closet door headboard to your bedroom (Image via: HGTV – Layla Palmer)

Headboards have come a long way since the traditional “4-post” bed with traditional hardwood or wrought iron detailing. Today, headboards give your bedroom a focal point, and can also bring a sense of accomplishment to the room when using repurposed closet doors. Hang a single door horizontally, or create a vertical pattern with painted closet vented slat doors. The wonderful part of repurposing your closet doors is the mood they can convey with a new coat of paint or wood stain. If you are a DIY’er, you can distress the surface with sandpaper, hammer, chains and other tools to give it a rustic “Shabby Chic” decorative appeal. The pictured vented slat closet doors from HGTV’s Layla Palmer have been white-washed to give a coastal, weathered appearance. Recycle a door into a lively dinner table

Enjoy the outdoors with a repurposed closet door dining table (Image via: Dishfunctional Designs/Pinterest)

Repurposed doors can also lend rustic appeal to your outdoor spaces. I love this garden table that has been painted, stenciled and set atop woodworking sawhorses bases for a garden table anyone would love. Keeping the doorknob affixed to the table adds to the whimsical nature of the outdoor eating area. Remember to sand down edges with sandpaper or an electric sander to ensure nails, screws and loose wood are removed. This will help your tabletop have a smooth surface before painting, and will ensure that guests don’t get hurt by a rough corner of the door. How will you use your closet doors in a new way? From decorative barn sliding doors to a bedroom headboard, the projects are endless. I’ve also seen coffee tables, room dividers and dining room tables made from repurposed closet doors. Use these tips to get your creative juices flowing and come up with a new project that is your own style. Ronique Gibson is a home design expert with more than 13 years of interior design experience. Ronique writes about her décor ideas for The Home Depot. If you want to view a large selection of closet doors and other types available online at Home Depot, you can visit the company’s website.

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