Business Energy Excellence Award Presented to Goodwill by Duke Energy

In November 2023, Duke Energy recognized Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont as one of the first recipients of their Business Energy Excellence Award. Representatives from Duke Energy presented members of Goodwill’s team with a symbolic check in the amount of $23,171 – equivalent to the money saved through its energey efficiency program. 

Since 2021, Duke Energy has partnered with the nonprofit to support its sustainability efforts. The electric utility company introduced Goodwill to Allumia, a finance company who funds the upfront costs of projects, and Southpoint Solutions, a lighting engineering firm that designs and installs LED lighting solutions.   

“Allumia assisted us in financing these projects for us and then Southpoint completed the installation at all locations that participated in this program,” said Bill Masefield, Director of Facilities at Goodwill, who leads the projects. “Duke and Allumia work directly with the installers to make sure that each project is executed, completed, inspected. Several of these projects’ all-in cost is being offset 100% by the monthly utility savings at that location.” 

As of today, the partnership has assisted in helping Goodwill convert to LED lighting at seven of its retail locations including Mountain Island, Steele Creek, Ballantyne, Monroe, Lancaster, Pineville and Weddington. Goodwill also made updates to its Huntersville and Rock Hill stores, which are not powered by Duke Energy.  

Additionally, at least 10 of its 35 stores, as well as the Goodwill Opportunity Campus, were built with, or already transitioned to, LED lights. The nonprofit also installed automation systems that improve energy efficiency at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus, as well as the Franklin Square, University, Albemarle Road and Belmont retail stores.  

“Additionally, we have installed automated HVAC and lighting controls in our stores that we’ve opened in 2023 and 2024, “Masefield added. “We will continue to add these controls in many of our existing stores over the next two years.”

The changes have been beneficial for Goodwill, as Masefield explained when talking about savings. “This project is helping us continue to put money back into the mission by not spending it on utility and related maintenance costs. And it’s also providing a better environment for our shoppers, customers and team members because we’re able to provide better lighting in all our stores,” he said.

Duke Energy presented the award November 14, 2023, at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus. The award was accepted by Bill Masefield, Director, Facilities; Amy Jordan, Vice President, Business Development; and Jose Luis, Chief Operating Officer.  

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