Add Flair to Your Floor Lamp & Shade

The floor lamp is such a versatile home accessory. Its slender column allows it to fit in even the tightest space. It can be tucked behind a sofa for over-the-shoulder task lighting or placed between two chairs to provide ambient light.

Floor lamps have been around since the invention of interior lighting and are available in a variety of styles: torchiere, arc, swing arm, tri-pod, adjustable and pharmacy—just to name a few. When you have a quality lamp in good condition, you can easily update it to coordinate with your home’s style.


This candlestick style floor lamp has a decorative metal base with a fluted column in an antique brass finish. The base must have gotten wet because there is some corrosion. It works beautifully, but the style is a bit dated.


The original barrel shape shade looks great on this lamp, so I looked for a similar shade in a beige color.

You can spend lots of money on decorative shades, but what’s the fun in that when you can purchase a basic shade and make it your own? I like unique, one-of-a-kind accessories in my home and always offer that option to my design clients. DIY projects allow you to create items that perfectly coordinate with your home’s color, style and personality.

First, I started by spray painting the lamp in dark bronze metallic finish. I happen to like floor lamps in darker shades, but a lighter color works too, especially if you want a less formal or a modern look. Choose a paint color that works in your room.


I then headed to the craft store and looked at trims, buttons, crystal beads and braid. I really liked the casual look of the capiz shell trim, so I bought enough to go around the bottom and top edge of the shade. I also gathered several other trims and beads to have plenty to experiment with.


Before deciding on a design, I pinned on several of the trim options. Once I settled on what I liked best, I used a hot glue gun to adhere the trim to the shade. If you don’t have a hot glue gun, craft glue will work. It just takes longer to dry.


The new lamp and shade gives the space a more contemporary, playful vibe. The best part is I can change the shade anytime I feel the need to redecorate—and do it on a budget.

Merri Cvetan is the creative spark behind MEC Design Studio, based in Wisconsin. Merri writes for The Home Depot online, and is an expert in combining lighting ideas with room décor styling. If you are looking for a floor lamp to brighten up one of your own rooms, you can review styles noted by Merri on the Home Depot website here.

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