Success Story: Matieyos

Today, Matieyos Ashagre is a Building Engineer for CBRE, but just last year, he was working as an Uber driver. Several years ago, Matieyos was in nursing school and dropped out due to family issues. He pivoted and became a truck driver, driving state to state for several years. Eventually, being away from his wife and two teenage children on a regular basis took a toll. From there, he began driving for Uber, and one of his passengers led him to Goodwill.

One day, a person riding with Matieyos told him that he had taken classes with Goodwill University and found success.

Matieyos asked the passenger, “Goodwill has classes? How do you get them?” His passenger emphasized to him that not only were Goodwill University’s training courses good, but they were also completely free.

After hearing about the training courses Goodwill offers, Matieyos decided to email Goodwill, and within a couple of days, he was signed up to start the Construction Basics course.

“I liked the class because it just opened the door for me. That class would have cost a lot if I went to trade school; it’s not cheap,” Matieyos said.

Training courses, like the one Matieyos took, are available free of charge thanks to donations and purchases made by shoppers at Goodwill retail locations. He was so impressed with Goodwill’s Construction Basics course, that he also enrolled in the HVAC course.

Upon completion, Matieyos began working with his Goodwill Career Navigation Coach and Employee Engagement team member to build his resume and find a career in the construction and trade industry.

“We do a lot of hands-on training that leads to certifications,” Marvin Kelley, director of the Construction and Trade Skills Training Program, said. “And really, with our coaching and our employability, we’re really preparing folks for an opportunity and industry.”

A job fair, set up at the Goodwill Construction Skills Training Center, helped Matieyos land his current position with CBRE, where he oversees four buildings for the company – checking the interior and exterior, and making sure they are safe for everyone. He is currently working with his supervisor to train to become a Lead Building Engineer.

In just a matter of months, his life trajectory was changed. Matieyos began his first course in September 2021 and was able to gain employment by January 2022.

Matieyos has expanded his construction education since starting with Goodwill, but he’s not done yet. He plans to take an Electrical course with Goodwill in September. “This field needs a lot of manpower, and it still has a lot of opportunity to grow,” he added.

Matieyos encourages anyone who needs help with their career to take advantage of the classes Goodwill provides, gain knowledge and make themselves valuable in their industry of choice.

“I invite a lot of people to join in these classes. This is the best opportunity,” he emphasized.

You can find your path to success with Goodwill, too. 

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