Success Story: Sakinah

Sakinah Mujahid is an Army veteran with 13 years of honorable service. While in the military, Sakinah worked in personnel as a Human Resource Specialist, assisting with evaluation reviews, promotions and training unit administrators. After retiring from the military, Sakinah settled in Bloomington, MN, then soon relocated to Charlotte, NC to be closer to her brother.

Once in Charlotte, Sakinah hit the ground running. She worked diligently to find a job, hoping to put her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy to use in a counseling position. However, securing employment was posing a challenge. Sakinah applied to Social Services in several counties including Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Union, but had no luck. She even pursued opportunities within retail and was informed that she was overqualified. After months of independent job searching, Sakinah realized that she was quickly depleting her savings and decided it was time for a new approach.

That’s when Sakinah came to Goodwill and enrolled in the Operation: GoodJobs program. She met with a Career Navigator who assisted her with career exploration and meeting her basic needs. This enabled Sakinah to obtain transportation assistance for her job search, and referrals to food pantries through Loaves & Fishes. Over a period of five months, Sakinah worked with her Career Navigator, making one-on-one meeting to discuss her progress and to follow up on job leads. Finally Sakinah was beginning to see the fruits of her labor. The Career Navigator suggested that she apply for a Social Work position in Gaston County and she got the job! But Sakinah’s trials weren’t over yet; childcare had now become challenge. Being out of work for a while, Sakinah was in at risk of losing childcare for her youngest son. How would she be able to take the job without childcare? Thanks to funding from Operation: GoodJobs, and a low-interest loan from Common Wealth Charlotte, Sakinah was able to pay back the funds she owed and get her kids in daycare. It’s amazing what happens when Goodwill and its partners come together to serve our community!

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