Success Story: Lawrence Wingate

It’s graduation day for Lawrence. He completed a seven week training program in Goodwill’s Hospitality and Tourism program and received hands-on training in customer service, banquet set-up and service, wine appreciation and concierge roles and responsibilities. But as Lawrence will be quick to tell you, he received more than training during that time.

“I gained lifelong friends, more professional connections and a lifetime partner in Goodwill,” he said.

“For seven weeks, I watched my classmates strive to better themselves; and to be able to observe their journey from day one, until graduation day, I notice a great sense of confidence and pride in themselves, and for that, I am truly proud of each and every one of them,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence is a retired, disabled Army veteran. He learned about Goodwill’s training programs at a veteran luncheon where he met Brian Otto, General Manager of Goodwill’s Construction Program. Brian gave Lawrence a tour of Goodwill’s career development center and an overview of the training programs Goodwill had to offer.

Lawrence is currently the Owner and President of Wingate Media Group – an event management and media entertainment company, however his passion is in hospitality. Although he had some experience working in hospitality, Lawrence developed new knowledge and skills for working a hotel front desk.

“I enrolled in Goodwill’s training program because I always had the need to improve myself, learn new things and apply what I learned, “said Lawrence.

Lawrence’s career path aspirations includes entering in to the hotel industry as a director of convention and events as a stepping stone to becoming a hotel general manager and then ultimately becoming a hotel owner.

“I want others to learn that there is more than one path to take in life when it comes to preparing for a life career. There are other options if the college path is not the one they want to take. Goodwill takes a 360 approach to their students – they help their students become successful graduates as well as become well-prepared job candidates,” said Lawrence.

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