Success Story: Jordon

For many qualified job seekers, finding the right employers to get in front of and having the confidence to portray their qualifications in an interview can be a barrier to finding employment.

Jordon – having earned his Eagle Scout, high school diploma, and a college certificate – had the qualifications to get the jobs he applied for but lacked the confidence and interview skills needed to articulate his qualifications. These interpersonal hurdles prevented Jordon from receiving job offers.

Jordon was referred to Goodwill from Vocational Rehabilitation Services for job coaching and interview preparation. He was assigned to David Washam, Vocational Coaching Specialist, who helped build his confidence during job interviews.

“I’ve never been comfortable speaking in front of groups of people,” Jordon said.

David was also able to connect Jordon with the right employers, something that Jordon struggled with doing on his own.

“Goodwill helped get me in front of the right people and helped me gain confidence in myself,” Jordon said.

Their efforts soon paid off. With Jordon’s newfound self-confidence and David’s employer connections, Jordon was hired at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte as a part-time crew member in November 2013. About nine months later, Jordon was told during a staff meeting that his company was looking to hire someone to fill a full-time maintenance technician position that had recently become available.

This was Jordon’s dream job, and he knew he had to apply for the position. He met with David to review the job requirements and practice his interview skills. He was nervous for the interview but knew that his time at Goodwill had prepared him well. His hard work and determination paid off, and in August 2014, Jordon was hired as a full-time maintenance technician, a position he still holds today.

Jordon is grateful to Goodwill for helping him solidify the career of his dreams.

“I still think I’m in a dream. It’s not every day you get to move race cars and see NASCAR drivers. It’s a really neat job,” Jordon said.

And Jordon knows that if he ever needs help again, he always has a place to turn to.

“Goodwill has made a big impact on my life. I’ve had other friends of mine that have gotten help from Goodwill who just needed an extra hand. I know that if 10 years, 15 years from now I need to look for another job, I could come back and ask for help,” he said. “But I think I’m set. I’ll be pushing these race cars until I’m 67 years old.”

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