Success Story: Bryant

Last holiday season was one for the books – families longed to see each other to celebrate the end-of-year festivities, as the pandemic raged on, creating challenges worldwide. The case was no different in Charlotte, where our stores were facing serious staffing shortages while anticipating a busy year-end push of donations. Thankfully, we have a wonderful partner in GoodWork Staffing, which assisted the stores in finding talented individuals to join our team.

Bryant Drye began working with GoodWork Staffing in 2017. Born and raised in Concord, Bryant is familiar with Goodwill; his local store in Concord opened in 2009. Prior to joining Goodwill, Bryant experienced ups and downs on the employment roller coaster. “In ninth or 10th grade, I quit school and went down the wrong path. It ended up being the wrong path from 2001.” After getting involved with the justice system, finding family-sustaining employment proved to be challenging. “Upon my release in 2017, I found GoodWork Staffing. They accepted people with my background and I have been working with them since. They have been nothing but good to me. If it weren’t for them, I don’t know where I’d be right now,” he said.

Being placed multiple times at various companies with mixed results can result in termination of services at some staffing agencies. But at GoodWork Staffing, we believe that there is an opportunity for everyone and that it is our job to help our people see the possibility in front of them so that they can seize it and prosper. “They put me in placements that accepted my background, and were instrumental in my success,” Bryant said.

After starting as a temporary worker in the Goodwill retail store in Concord last holiday season, Bryant is now working as a Donation Material Handler. He appreciates his store manager, Nichole Langford, for “believing in me and giving me a chance,” he said. Bryant is looking forward to building a career with Goodwill, and taking advantage of the personal and professional development trainings with Goodwill University, provided at no-cost to team members and the community.

The feeling is mutual. Nichole agrees, Goodwill is a great fit for Drye. “Bryant is great! He’s always on time and has a great attitude. He does a great job at the donation door keeping it tidy and organized. He gives amazing customer service to every customer that donates to our Goodwill location. We are happy to have him on our team.”

GoodWork Staffing can get you in the door, but it is ultimately up to each individual to make the most of it. “I think I’m pretty good at collecting donations. I have met some terrific people. I like all my managers here. All around, it’s going well for me,” he said. If anyone finds themselves in a situation like Bryant, he recommends you start your journey with GoodWork Staffing. “They work with people who have checkered pasts, and I’d tell them to keep going. It isn’t the end for you. They can help you out a lot,” Bryant said.

With the help of GoodWork Staffing and Goodwill retail store managers, Bryant not only got in the door, but he made it his home.

Goodwill and GoodWork Staffing aren’t just for those living in the metro Charlotte area. We have locations outside the city in Gastonia and Concord. Learn more about how you can get started today!

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