Developing soft skills is a critical component to obtaining and maintaining employment. Having well established soft skills enables you to interact with other people effectively and harmoniously. With the Working Smart soft skills curriculum, you can personalize your training to fit your specific needs by participating in all of our available courses or just certain ones you’d like to focus on. 

Available Courses:

Module 1: Self-Awareness

You will learn to: 
  • portray confidence and authenticity
  • re-envision yourself with a new personal “brand”
  • understand how attitudes and beliefs impact outcomes in difficult situations

    Module 2: Self-Management Skills

    You will learn to:
    • understand stress and its impact behavior
    • identify warning signs before making snap decisions
    • become aware of your emotions and reactions to challenging situations

      Module 3: Work Ethics

      You will learn to:
      • effectively navigate the culture of today’s work environment
      • understand employers’ needs, including spoken and unspoken expectations
      • transition from a home-based viewpoint to a work-based viewpoint

        Module 4: Communications Skills

        You will learn to:
        • be an attentive listener who can decode what others say
        • have better judgment on communication in professional settings
        • be confident and clear when expressing yourself and receiving feedback or direction

          Module 5: Problem-Solving Skills

          You will learn to:
          • analyze problems and set goals to resolve them
          • examine information objectively and resist assumptions
          • make sound decisions on careful consideration of options and possible outcomes

            HOW TO REGISTER:

            To enroll in a training program, come to the Goodwill Opportunity Campus so that you can meet one-on-one with a specialist who can help you get started. You don’t need an appointment – simply show up whenever it’s convenient for you.