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    Goodwill does more than just help people find jobs. Our programs and services are designed to identify and build upon your work skills and interests to help you pursue family-sustaining employment. In 2020, Goodwill assisted more than 7,570 individuals with resources and support thanks to donations and purchases from the community.

    How does Goodwill help people find a career path? Meet Tanya.

    Tanya needs a job. She’s a motivated worker, but lacks things that most employers look for: a high school diploma, stable work history and reliable transportation. She has applied for several jobs, but can’t seem to make herself stand out. She sees a flyer about Goodwill’s job training services and decides to check it out.

    When she arrives, Tanya meets with a Goodwill team member who conducts a personal interview to learn more about her situation. Tanya shares that she wants a job so that her family won’t have their power shut off again. It’s hard to find a job when you live in the dark.

    Goodwill connects Tanya to a network of partners so that her family’s basic needs can be met. Tanya partners with a career coach to design an employment plan customized to her goals. She then enrolls in Goodwill University to strengthen her skills in computers, basic academics, resume development, interviewing and financial literacy. Tanya also receives high-level training in targeted industries that will make her even more attractive to employers.

    Joe is a local employer who partners with Goodwill to find qualified employees with industry-certified credentials like Tanya. Tanya interviews with Joe and gets the job. With Goodwill’s ongoing support, Tanya adapts quickly to her workplace and achieves what she has always wanted: a career that will allow her to support her family for the long-term.

    Our services are particularly effective for people who are:

    • Unemployed or underemployed;
    • Planning for a second career;
    • Transitioning from the military back into civilian life;
    • Facing barriers to employment such as mental or physical disabilities, lack of education or work experience, criminal background or welfare dependency.

    With skilled professionals ready to assist you with your job search, Goodwill tailors its services to your needs, work history and career goals. We provide intensive career development services, career centers and on-the-job training programs to help you land a job and succeed in today’s changing workforce.

    A few ways we can jump start your job search include:

    • Resume development
    • Job training
    • Career counseling
    • Computer basics overview
    • Networking support
    • Interviewing tips