Find Thrifted Holiday Gifts Online


You don’t have to spend a ton of money to give great gifts this holiday season! Cyber Monday is THE day to shop online for your holiday gifts! Take a look at some of the great items currently for sale on our online shop,, (and their current bid prices below). To bid on these items, click each link below.

Nikonos film camera
Current Bid: $25
Cristal D’Arques salad bowls
Current Bid: $7.99
Jimmy Choo suede heels, 37.5
Current Bid: $49.99
Custom electric guitar
Current Bid: $22.88
Nike men’s Air Jordan, 10.5
Current Bid: $30
Barbie and Ken wedding dolls with furniture
Current Bid: $9.99
Beats headphones
Current Bid: $7.99
Fitbit Flex 2 fitness wristband
Current bid: $10.99
Michael Kors tote bag
Current Bid: $24.99
Acoustic guitar by Yamaha
Current Bid: $10.99
Cricut electronic cutter with assorted supplies
Current Bid: $7.99
Michael Kors sunglasses
Current Bid: $9.99

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