“Tell Dwell Tuesdays” #3 – Curtains or No Curtains?

Guest post by local interior designer Cheryl Luckett, owner of Dwell by Cheryl interiors.

Design Dilemma: “Curtains or no curtains? Does it depend? I can never decide.” – Heather

Cheryl’s Advice: Great question, Heather! As a pretty traditional Southern designer, I usually say “curtains for sure,” but the real answer is “it depends.” Drapery adds a softness to a space that’s difficult to achieve any other way. In rooms where a cozy vibe is desired, it’s almost always a must. 

Many homeowners today shy away from draperies because they recall when the trend centered around lavish and expensive designs featuring tons of fabric, and ornate and often girly details. Well, long gone are those days, and today’s drapes are much more streamlined.

Curtains provide an opportunity to add color and visual interest in substantial amounts. Take away the draperies in any of the above spaces, and the result is an entirely different space.

While I often create custom drapery for my clients, many retailers offer a plethora of budget-friendly yet stylish options. What I love now is that many also offer a variety of lengths. Draperies should at least kiss the floor, so be sure to measure to ensure the proper length. Also, don’t be afraid to hang them higher than the window frames. This can often create the illusion of height in rooms with low or average height ceilings. 

Now, while I’m on Team Curtains, I do feel as if there are some cases where they may not be needed. For me, this always centers around the view.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful view, you may be able to forgo the drapery altogether. Beautiful views also typically feature large windows that invite you to capitalize on the view. This is a great indication of whether you should go for drapes or not. I hope this helps!

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