“Tell Dwell Tuesdays” #1 – Adding Color to Brighten Up Brown

Guest post by local interior designer Cheryl Luckett, owner of Dwell by Cheryl interiors.

Design Dilemma: “I tend to always move toward browns. I am in desperate need of a refresh and am looking for some recommendations on color…I have no clue. How do you determine what color to select? Looking to change pillows and potentially rug – keeping couch and artwork.” – Kristina

Cheryl’s Advice: Never fear, we all tend to have a comfort zone when it comes to color. Brown just happens to be your default. It’s actually not a bad thing.

Brown is a warm hue that plays well with many other colors. It also has a way of adding a cozy feeling to a living space. Try freshening things up with lighter colors like varying shades and tints of blue.

Source: http://www.houzz.com/photos/31510868/Luxe-Montclair-Home-traditional-family-room-new-york

A cream rug would immediately brighten the space, while still grounding the seating area. Pops of blue and creams can even be added in through pillows, accessories (perhaps a pair of lamps) and accent furniture. 

Another option is to use your rug selection to draw out your accent colors. I accomplished this in a past project by pulling the golden yellow from the rug and incorporating it in the drapes, pillows and accessories.

Source: Dwell by Cheryl Interiors

Here are two examples that come to mind for me for your space…

A few additional tips:

  • Ensure your rug size is adequate for the space. Rugs should be used to define an area. In this case, it’s a seating/living area, so be sure that at least the front legs of your seating can be placed on the rug.
  • A larger cocktail table/ottoman will serve as a surface to put your feet up, rest a beverage and to add a few decorative elements to tie your new color scheme together.
  • The addition of larger scale table lamps and matching end tables will add a bit of symmetry to the space. Symmetry is typically very pleasing to the eye and helps to balance out the large sofa.

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