Success Story: Vernicee

For many job seekers wanting to transition from temporary to full-time employment, the process can be frustrating and difficult to navigate. Vernicee worked the same two temporary jobs for four years, but longed for the stability and growth opportunities that full-time employment offers. Despite applying to full-time jobs every week, she could never land an interview or get her foot in the door.

One day while searching online for a full-time position, Vernicee came across Goodwill’s website. She was excited to learn about the job training programs and employment services that Goodwill offers, and was even more excited to learn that these programs and services are free of charge for Goodwill clients. Vernicee decided that she had to check it out in person.

Vernicee came to Goodwill and was welcomed by a team of people ready and willing to help her reach her career goals. A team member in the Job Connection met with Vernicee, learned about her skills and interests, and then referred her to Goodwill’s customer, administrative, and business services training program. After completing the program, Vernicee enrolled in Goodwill’s Microsoft Office Specialist – Word certification program. The knowledge, skills and confidence that Vernicee gained through these training programs laid a solid foundation for her future.

“I learned a lot through the training programs at Goodwill,” Vernicee said. “I learned how to dress professionally and how to brand myself. I received help with my resume and learned a lot about what to say and not say during job interviews. And I gained confidence in myself and practiced my elevator speech.”

In addition to learning valuable job skills, making her resume more appealing, learning interviewing techniques, and gaining self-confidence, Vernicee’s training programs opened an unexpected door. One day shortly after she completed her training, Vernicee’s instructor called her and asked if she would be willing to participate in a short video with Gene Woods, President and CEO of Carolinas HealthCare System. Gene was going to be at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus to film a video and speak at an event that Carolinas HealthCare System was hosting there, and he wanted to spotlight a Goodwill client in the video with him.

Having recently learned about self-branding and seizing opportunities with confidence, Vernicee met Gene, spoke professionally about her career journey and gave him her resume and Microsoft Office Specialist certificate. Vernicee’s initiative made a great first impression, because a few weeks later, Vernicee followed up with Gene like he had asked her to do, and eventually Vernicee was hired full-time as a Patient Accounts Representative with Carolinas HealthCare System.

Vernicee is thrilled about the opportunities both Goodwill and Carolinas HealthCare System have provided her. She is already excelling in her new position, and full-time employment has given her a new outlook on life.

“God has used Goodwill to open so many doors for me, and my life has changed dramatically,” Vernicee said. “When I came to Goodwill, little did I know that I would be standing in front of the CEO of a major organization and that it would lead to a full-time job for me. I was just trying to get some extra training!”

Vernicee has set a new list of long-term goals, which includes getting certified in medical billing and coding, training for which she has already started. Today, she is looking forward to the future and the possibilities that lie ahead of her.

“Goodwill is an opportunity,” Vernicee said. “I encourage everyone to take advantage of what it offers. Why not better yourself and educate yourself as much as you can? You never know what doors it will open.”

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