Success Story: Nathan

Nathan Tun had a successful job as a Data Entry Clerk but found that Goodwill University’s tuition-free training courses were able to help him advance his career. In 2016, Nathan obtained his IT certification from Central Piedmont Community College, but he wanted to add additional knowledge and skills to his resume.

“Whenever I applied for jobs, they always asked me if I had customer service skills. So I thought it was a good idea to attend [Goodwill University’s Customer Service Experience] class,” he said. 

Nathan had a friend mention that they were taking classes through Goodwill University at the Goodwill Construction Skills Training Center.

“My friend sent me the link, so when I found the customer service classes, I signed up,” Nathan said.  

Nathan took Goodwill University’s Customer Service Experience course, which is offered virtually.

“It worked with my work schedule at the time because it was on Zoom,” he said. “I really didn’t have to worry about the commute or [having to] come back and prepare for work.”

Goodwill University courses are offered free of charge to the community, thanks to donations and purchases made at our 31 retail locations.

“It made me encouraged to go back and learn more skills without going back to school and applying for financial aid, and being worried about my schedule or if I would be approved,” Nathan explained.  

In addition to courses, Goodwill also offers complimentary wraparound services to every participant. Participants are provided assistance for resume and interview prep through their Goodwill Career Navigator, who helps guide them to the right job.

“Goodwill connected me with someone who could help me with my job search and resume,” Nathan said. “Antonia ‘Toni’ Voliton reminded me to send a thank you letter after every interview. Many of the interviewers said that really made a difference.”

Nathan finished his customer service course in October 2022. During this time, he was working as a Blue Chip Data Entry Clerk for Ross Dress for Less. After finishing the course, Nathan was able to move departments within Ross to become a Customer Service Representative.

“They gave me a little bit more money, because they didn’t have to train me,” Nathan emphasized.  

With the customer service training, Nathan hopes to move up during his tenure with Ross.

“Now that I’m in the customer service role, I can keep learning IT, and I can move forward in the IT department,” Nathan explained.  

Donations and shopping at Goodwill make a difference and can help people in our community change their life’s trajectory, free of charge. Nathan understood how Goodwill helped him, and he decided to pay it forward.  

“I donated my old car to Goodwill,” Nathan said. “I thought, ‘Why don’t I donate? I can do something for my community.’”  

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