Stay Cool with these 15 Summer Style Tips

From finding fabrics and fashions that beat the heat to packing smart for your summer vacation, these tips will help you stay cool through the summer months. You can find all the summer fashions you need at an affordable price at a Goodwill near you – find your closest store here, or visit our GW boutique at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus for a trendy thrift shopping experience.

Summer trends

  1. Polka dots – These little spots are a major trend this spring. You can add polka dots to your look with a great wrap dress or a fun tote. Don’t feel stuck with monochrome dots this year – unexpected color pairings are in!
  2. Pastels – Soft, ice-cream-like colors a big trend for clothes, handbags and nail polish! Mint greens, yellow sorbet and lilac are popping up everywhere, including at our GW boutique – plus these colors keep you cool in the heat!
  3. Tassels – ‘Tis the season for tassels! Pom poms and tassels add a little fun while swinging around on jewelry, shoes, dress hems and shorts.
  4. Asymmetrical – This isn’t just about high-low anymore. Stitching together different fabrics, strong diagonal lines and handkerchief hems are in! Try a dress with an asymmetrical hem, or a ruffled one-shoulder tank.
  5. Umbrella stripes – This thick stripe style will remind you of a faded beach umbrella – they’re perfect for ocean-front vacations or cool street wear in linen.

Staying Cool

  1. Cotton – A good quality cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics around, so it will keep you more dry than other options. Be careful when travelling – it wrinkles!
  2. Chambray – This popular fabric is like a lightweight denim, so you can get the look without feeling weighed down. You aren’t limited to a chambray button-down anymore though, you’ll find chambray in different colors, and in dresses, drawstring pants and more!
  3. Light colors – Garments in white, cream & pastels don’t absorb sunlight like dark colors do, so you stay cooler when you wear them!
  4. Linen – Made from natural fibers, linen is super absorbent with a fast drying time. Plus, it tends to be more relaxed so it won’t cling to your body when you start to sweat.
  5. Jersey – This fabric is a lightweight and stretchy material so it’s not only incredibly comfortable, but drapes well on the body. You can find jersey material in casual and dressier clothes to stay cool at home and at work!

Packing Smart

  1. Keep rollin’. Conserve space and avoid wrinkles by rolling – rather than folding! Fold shirts, pants, and skirts in half the long way. Then roll them up tightly like you’re rolling a burrito.
  2. Embrace a base color. Stick to one base color for your trip outfits such as black, white, brown or khaki, then add variety with tops and accessories that add color and personality. Mix-and-match outfits will be a breeze!
  3. T-shirts in neutral colors can be your best friend. Bring at least one black and one white t-shirt. T-shirts in basic colors go with everything – dress them up by tying the hem and pairing it with a skirt and necklace for the evening, or dress them down with shorts and sneakers for a day of walking around town.
  4. Save those samples. Leave some of your toiletries behind by holding onto samples you get from cosmetic stores. Trips are a great time to try new products, and then you can toss them out and save yourself from buying travel-sized toiletries!
  5. Cut back on the shoes. Challenge yourself to only bring two pairs of shoes for every trip. Your T-shirt, shorts and sandals will be a totally different look than the same T-shirt, flowy skirt and heels with a fun necklace. Let other accessories change up your outfit instead of space-wasting shoes.

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