Spring Closet Purge: 15 things that have got to go

If you have even a little bit of pack rat in you, you probably have a hard time parting with clothes. Sometimes there are good reasons – like nostalgia over a gifted item or sweatshirt that got you through a breakup. But, sometimes we just need to accept that giant furry boots aren’t going to be “in” again (sorry, Flo Rida).

Get ready to give your wardrobe a refresh — not by adding new items, but by purging the old and unnecessary. Stylist and fashion insider Stacee Michelle helped us cultivate this list of the top 15 items most of us probably own… and probably shouldn’t wear again – from the cocktail dress you swore you’d wear eventually (but never did) to the pants that don’t quite fit (but still haven’t made it to the tailor). Run, don’t walk, to your local Goodwill to donate these items – because it’s time to let go.

  1. The shrunken hoodie you bought on vacation
    Seriously, will you ever wear that screen-printed sweatshirt you bought during a layover in [insert city here]? Our guess is no. Let it go.
  2. The trendy graphic tee you caved on
    The pun was funny for the first five minutes.
  3. The designer collab you had to have
    You may have waited hours in line and bought into the “limited quantity” hype (Versace x H&M, Lilly Pulitzer x Target, etc.), but these pieces become irrelevant faster than they fly off the shelves.
  4. The ill-fitting pants you wore to your first job interview
    Corporate pinstripes aren’t what helped you land your dream job. That was you. Let the pants go.
  5. The collection of layering options
    If you own more cotton tanks than Forever 21, it’s time to trim down your stash. You don’t need that many colors.
  6. The shoes that still give you blisters
    It doesn’t matter how many times you try to “break them in.” Sometimes beauty isn’t worth the pain. They don’t fit, accept it.
  7. The sample sale score that doesn’t fit
    Was the designer piece really a win if you can’t actually wear it?
  8. The headbands from your Blair Waldorf phase
    Hey, Upper East Siders. Big bows on headbands belong in the kid’s section. xoxo.
  9. The novelty memento you bought on vacation
    Cowboy boots from Nashville, beach wraps from the Caribbean… they seemed like great souvenirs from your week away, but have you worn them since?
  10. The college tee you still wear to work out
    If you’ve been out of college for more than one year, it’s time to graduate past the world of neon tanks and into the realm of real athletic wear. Check out the great workout gear Stacee Michelle snagged at GW!
  11. The sparkly dress you bought for New Year’s — but still haven’t worn
    You meant to rock this to watch the ball drop…in 2014. If you haven’t worn it by now, ask yourself: Will you ever?
  12. The “vintage” jean jacket you dug up from high school
    What’s the point of an outerwear piece you can’t move your arms in?
  13. The button-down that “still fits”
    It may be a “classic” but if the buttons can barely close, it’s time for a new classic.
  14. Your prom dress
    You’ll never wear it again, we promise. And, you could make some other girl’s dreams come true by donating it.
  15. That trucker hat you swore you’d wear again
    Paris had her moment with these, let’s leave them in the past.

Once you’ve filled one of your forgotten free totes with these 15 things, click here to find a Goodwill drop-off location near you. Your closet will thank you, and so will your community. Every item sold in Goodwill stores supports job training and employment services to help people find and secure family-sustaining employment.

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