Sizzling Summer Decor

Spring is the perfect season to create some of your own sizzling summer décor to match the rising temperatures outside. We’ve rounded up five charming DIY projects that can be assembled easily and on the cheap using materials from your local Goodwill store.

Rainbow Fans

Restore an old fan from Goodwill using this simple tutorial. These colorful fans create a fascinating pinwheel effect when turned on.


Mini Terrariums

This easy to make DIY project using Mason jars will transform your office cubicle, or your home workspace, into a green space instantly.


Party Tumblers

These Gold Foil Tumblers can be made with minimal effort using mismatched glasses from Goodwill.


Upcycled Scarf Apron

This DIY activity turns an ordinary shawl into chic cooking attire.


Succulent Teacup Planter

If you’re looking for a new twist on old teacups, then these cute DIY teacup planters are a great way to revamp these beautiful, yet often unused, items.


How are you decorating this summer?

Elizabeth Isenhour
Elizabeth Isenhour

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