Expressing Professionalism & Style in the Workplace

Monique Stubbs-Hall
Monique Stubbs-Hall

Guest post by Monique Stubbs-Hall, volunteer and guest speaker in the Hospitality & Tourism Occupational Skills Training Course at Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont.

Style, fashion, professionalism…why should I care?

It can be a struggle for many to focus on their attire. How you choose to dress in the workplace definitely reflects your personality. Making the decision as to how you will represent yourself each day begins with your mindset.

Our first line of order is: Your attitude toward personal style.

What’s the big deal about “personal style”?

Establishing your personal style and expressing it through your clothing is a great way to boost your self-esteem. When you look in the mirror and you are happy with the way you look, it has a positive effect on your psyche. You add a little extra “pep in your step” and your day just seems to start off better!

Your personal style reflects who you are and gives the world a taste of you from the first glance. So it really is worth it to care about what you look like, not so much for others, but for how it will make you feel from within. Yes your personal style is a “BIG DEAL”!

No one else in my office seems to care about professionalism and style in their attire, so why should I?

It can be very common to fall into the mindset of determining your actions based off those around you. The question becomes, what’s wrong with being the trendsetter? Maybe by you setting the pace the others will follow, but even if they don’t, it becomes a matter of pride. You should take pride in your appearance every day. If you dress as if you “are stuck in a rut”…most likely your attitude will reflect such and you may get looked over.

So why not challenge yourself to step out in front of the rest and focus on creating a professional and stylish image. Upon doing so, you will feel the difference it will make in your confidence level and in the way you are viewed by others.

Isn’t being a fashionable professional costly?

Being a professional that is fashionable may not cost you anything. You may have all of what you need already in your wardrobe. The key is taking what you have and learning stylish ways to put it together to create a look that compliments your personality, your figure and your budget.

We have found that many women have the basics to a stylish wardrobe within their closets and a few simple accessories may complete their looks. Don’t forget that even if you must spend a little extra for a few classic pieces, if they are of good quality and are timeless, it will be worth it. When in doubt remember that stylists for professional women are a great resource to help you coordinate your wardrobe within your budget.

By Monique Stubbs-Hall, The Greatness Groomer. Visit to learn more about her public speaking, business consulting and coaching services.

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