In Their Own Words: Guadelupe

At the encouragement of her close friend, Guadalupe moved from New York to Charlotte to find better opportunities and an improved lifestyle for herself and her 15-year-old daughter. Little did she know the COVID-19 pandemic would cause stay-at-home orders and hiring freezes just as they arrived. Instead of letting it keep her down, Guadalupe got to work. She took part in the first virtual cohort of the Customer, Administrative and Business Services program at Goodwill to improve her technical skills and business acumen. She started working with a career navigator to perfect her resume and polish her interviewing skills, and applied and applied and applied to jobs. Now, she’s working full-time, and receiving additional training with a company where she sees growth potential. She and her daughter moved into their own place in time for her daughter to start the new school year, and she’s using this experience to teach her daughter about grit, resilience, and the importance of working hard for what you want.

Click here to hear Guadalupe, in her own words, share how she channeled her determination to find happiness in her career during the pandemic.


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