Help yourself by helping others: The power of volunteering


Jessica joined us a few weeks ago as a marketing and communications volunteer. She’s a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and majored in graphic communications. Her interests are in social media and marketing, and today she’s here to talk to us about the importance of volunteering. Welcome, Jessica!

Simply get involved.  Some people may consider volunteering a waste of time, but it can in fact boost your life in so many ways. Think about it. Through volunteering, you’ll get a chance to not only help others, but also you can help yourself by increasing your social skills and learning about different jobs you may be interested in.  There is power in volunteering.

A volunteer working with a Goodwill student on a mock interview

No matter how old or young you are, it is never too late to volunteer.  However, from personal experience, I highly suggest that young adults entering high school and/or college find ways to volunteer.  In understanding the struggle of the job market today, it is very important that young adults take the initiative to get involved in their community, which will open opportunities in finding a job or internship.  Many companies and even colleges look for students and employees who are involved in their communities through volunteering.

Studies have even shown the positive benefits of volunteering. Volunteering can:

Volunteers from the DNC committee talking with veterans at Goodwill.
  1. Boost your resume
  2. Increase your social skills
  3. Be a networking opportunity
  4. Lower rates of depression
  5. Help you learn new skills
  6. Give you an opportunity to help others!

Take advantage of the opportunity to volunteer in your community.  Don’t ever think of it as a waste of time. It will only enhance your future.  Goodwill’s Champions for Good volunteer program is a great place to start; or, check out Hands on Charlotte for a huge list of volunteer opportunities in our community.

Great reward comes to those who help others, so help yourself by helping others.


Thank you so much, Jessica! We are so glad you are an advocate for volunteering. 

We want to know: Readers, do you volunteer?

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