Furnishing Your Home with Pre-Loved Finds

It’s no secret that there’s much treasure to be found at your local Goodwill shops. When I opened my photography office back in 2011, I needed to furnish  it on a budget. While perusing Goodwill at lunch one day, I discovered two matching lampstable lamps for $4 each! I initially thought I would just give them a nice coat of glossy, white paint… but after tossing on some inexpensive shades from HomeGoods, I never did, and I’m glad! You see, after having that office for two years, I decided to go back to working from home, and in that time we were also building a little beach getaway and were needing to furnish that space. The lamps that I’d previously loved in my office became a perfect addition to our new living room!


In addition to those lamps coming from my old office, so did the end tables & coffee table… both of which were found at the Cornelius ReStore. The coffee table ($40) was actually a dining table my husband cut down and the end tables were a whopping $7 each! The two chairs were from Craigslist for $25 each, I sewed drop cloth slipcovers over them. I love it when my pre-loved items, find the perfect spot multiple times!   lamps-1005
 JJ Horton House-1034
Jessica Horton is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Davidson, NC with the ability to find an impossible deal and pick out the most expensive purse on the rack! Follow her blog JJ Horton Photography and on Facebook.

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