Volunteering at Goodwill positively impacts our community and helps you gain great experience. There are many professional and personal benefits to volunteering, including  opportunities to:

  • Expand your network and develop new contacts.
  • Learn new and refine existing skills.
  • Explore new career paths while learning about the differences between nonprofit, government and other sectors.
  • Enhance your resumé as you gain relevant experience.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Mock Interviews:  Your time and feedback make a difference. In one mock interview session, a volunteer helps a client build confidence and enhance their presentation of experiences.
  • Guest Speakers: Share your path with others. Your stories about projects and experiences can provide clients with in-depth, firsthand industry perspectives that aren’t illustrated online or in textbooks.
  • Workshop Facilitators: Your passion for education will spread to others as they learn. Give back by teaching valuable lessons on professionalism, communication, networking, technical skills development and other topics.
  • Resource Center Support: Your kindness and customer service will go a long way. Provide hands-on assistance to clients as they search for positions or apply online, make copies, fax materials and much more.

To learn more, check out our available volunteer and internship opportunities. Have a question about volunteering? Check out our FAQ page