Create a Floating Bookshelf

bookshelf11Making a floating bookshelf is not hard, especially when you can use materials from your local Goodwill! All it takes is some sturdy, hardback books and a couple of brackets to make bookshelves that appear to float in midair. Things you need: • Three hardback books • Three plain metal wall brackets • Screws • Drill • Glue Directions: 1. Take one book and open the back cover. 2. Lay the base of the bracket on the pages with the spine of the book facing out. 3. Using short screws that will not go through the cover of the book, screw the bracket through the pages of the book. 4. Glue the back cover to the bracket and pages so that it will not hang. 5. Screw the back of the bracket into the wall. 6. Stack books to cover the back of the bracket. That’s all there is to it! I like making three floating shelves so that you can stagger them on the wall for a fun look. Alternatively, you can do a little more work if you have extra books on hand. Create shelves for plants, art or other small items by adding a book to cover up the back of the bracket, To create this one-of-a-kind display shelf, follow the directions above until you get to step five. Before screwing the bracket into the wall, place the back cover of a book between the bracket and the wall. Then, when you screw it in you can simply shut the book to cover the bracket completely. bookshelf2 It is so easy to make great unique shelves from your book finds at Goodwill. Try it today and see what you can come up with! Always curious, Ashley Hardway is constantly learning and passionate about sharing what she learns with others. Based in the Houston, Texas office of Morningside Nannies, she loves to help families grow stronger, help their environments and communities, and keep moving forward! Check out @NannyLady on Twitter to connect and find out more.

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