Our corporate partners are a valuable piece of the puzzle in putting people back to work. We welcome business donations of overstock, outdated and unwanted merchandise and electronics. These donations fund job training programs for individuals facing multiple barriers to employment.

Corporate partnerships serve as easy and impactful service projects that also benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Cost savings: Donations to Goodwill are tax-deductible expenses. Making an in-kind contribution also reduces storage or disposal costs associated with surplus inventory. Be sure to discuss the tax benefit of donating to Goodwill with your accountant.
  • Convenience: FREE and easy on-site pickup of your items.
  • Community impact: Donations fund Goodwill’s programs to help individuals improve their lives by obtaining family sustaining employment.
  • Positive publicity: Partnering with Goodwill adds philanthropic value to your corporate image and bolsters community support.


Does your business have data security concerns? Wiping a hard drive is not always sufficient to comply with your company’s data security needs. Goodwill now offers on-site hard drive shredding to ensure full data destruction.


Want to learn more about donating to Goodwill? Contact Brian Henry, Corporate & Community Donations Manager, at