Black Philanthropy Month Spotlight: Shantia Coley

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM), held every August, was created in 2011 by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland and the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network as an annual global celebration of African-descent giving. BPM culminates with a giving day on August 28 initiated by The Young, Black & Giving Back Institute to promote financial support for Black-led and Black-benefitting organizations.

We are so grateful for donors like Shantia Coley! Shantia also serves on the board of directors for Goodwill. Her ongoing support helps people in our community access employment services and job training for in-demand skills, free of charge.

“As a woman of color, I know firsthand the inequities facing our communities. I am thankful for nonprofits such as Goodwill that consistently encourage, lift and provide for our people. These organizations make it a priority to offer resources necessary to provide equity and in return I make it a priority to offer of myself. I will forever support those who go to such lengths to support historically disenfranchised groups, and I will continue to remain a faithful donor to these organizations,” said Shantia.

Special thanks to Shantia for her investment in Goodwill’s mission and launching careers for so many people!

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