Community Appreciation

It’s Goodwill Industries Week!

We’re excited to kick off the first week of May, which is Workforce Development Professionals Month, with a big thank-you to the community for your support–but also to our more than 500 team members in the Southern Piedmont region of North and South Carolina for their dedication and hard work.

We opened our doors to help people find work in our area in 1965; 45 years later, we’re still going strong, and the need for our services is greater than ever. Every day, our team members work to make a difference for people in our community. In honor of Goodwill Industries Week, here are 45 reasons why we think they’re great!

Our Team Members:

  1. Love what they do–and it shows.
  2. Work in all kinds of weather at our Attended Donation Centers, and smile through the heat, cold, rain, sleet or snow.
  3. Sort through, hang, and place thousands of donations in our stores every week.
  4. Sing while they work!
  5. Care for the environment.
  6. Offer great advice to help people in our community find employment.
  7. Are devoted to helping each other and to helping others. Just a few weeks ago, one of our stores took up a collection for an employee whose home had been lost to a fire.
  8. Help us fulfill our mission: Changing Lives Through the Power of Work!
  9. Are as excited about their team’s success as they are about their own.
  10. Are passionate about Goodwill, and it’s contagious!
  11. Teach job skills and life skills in our Occupational Skills Training program.
  12. Refurbish and recycle computers and related items to keep them out of local landfills.
  13. Don’t just help adults find employment–our career counselors help youth find jobs, too!
  14. Adapt to change, even when the changes come fast.
  15. Help improve the quality of life of many people who are struggling to find a good job or provide for their families.
  16. Seek out and connect youth with local mentors through our GoodGuides program.
  17. Have style, from the clothes they wear to the displays they build.
  18. Love to hear about each others’ successes.
  19. Have awesome hobbies. (More to come on this later in the week!)
  20. Make work fun!
  21. Accept car donations through our Cars for Work program.
  22. Are the reason our stores are real members of our communities.
  23. Make other people laugh…or at least smile.
  24. Come from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and places.
  25. Host donation drives in their own neighborhoods, on their own time.
  26. Help us secure the financial donations that support our mission.
  27. Are the reason that 90 cents from every dollar earned from the sale of the community’s donations go straight into funding the programs and services we offer.
  28. Make our 20 stores feel welcoming, and keep them well-stocked!
  29. Help our donors decide how much to claim on their taxes for their Goodwill donations.
  30. Go on TV to let meteorologists like Larry Sprinkle try their hand at crushing hard drives.
  31. Are the reason for success stories like Wayne, Patricia, and Clairsean.
  32. Make our day with their smiles.
  33. Love to help shoppers come up with costume ideas for Halloween (or even school projects)!
  34. Are the reason you can find great clothing in our stores at even better prices. (Think you can’t find work-appropriate clothing in our stores? Think again.)
  35. Know that helping one person find a good job helps many more people, like their family and friends, have a sense of security.
  36. Offer the community many ways to connect with us online, through Twitter, Facebook, flickr, YouTube and in this blog!
  37. Make it easy to donate multiple pieces of furniture–free pick-up if you have six or more pieces of furniture for us. (Call 704-393-6880 for more info.)
  38. Place people in temp and temp-to-hire jobs through GoodWork Staffing, our staffing service. (They’re on Facebook, too!)
  39. Love working with our volunteers! (Interested in joining us? Find out more here.)
  40. Keep our facilities running smoothly, and our technology, too!
  41. Get teary-eyed at our Occupational Skills Training graduations.
  42. Help get kids excited about what we do at Goodwill.
  43. Have crazy weeks like this one!
  44. Speak Spanish.
  45. Make our Cornerstone celebration a success every year.

    Feel free to let our Team Members know why you appreciate them too!

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