Our 2022 Community Report is Here!

Everyone deserves the opportunity to prosper and thrive. That’s Goodwill’s vision for our future – a community where equitable access to career opportunities is available for all! But, this cannot be achieved alone.  

We’re proud to share our 2022 Community Report, highlighting the collaboration that made it possible for more than 7,700 people to advance their careers and improve their lives in partnership with Goodwill last year. 

Within this report, you will meet numerous people sharing their personal stories of overcoming obstacles, uncovering their passions, and achieving more for themselves and their families – all because of their talent and determination, and a little support. You will also learn more about the unique programs and services Goodwill offers that helped them on their journey – all available at no cost, thanks to the generous material and philanthropic donors in our community. 

At Goodwill, we want people to be able to create generational prosperity, and to wake up each day with a sense of hope and purpose. We hope you join us in envisioning what our community can be if we choose to invest in career opportunities for all. 

Just imagine the good we can do, together!  

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